Bosse Acoustic Pods

Bosse Acoustic Pods

Bosse Acoustic Pods

Designed with a sleek aesthetic and acoustic privacy in mind, Bosse Acoustic Pods measure noise reductions of 37 decibels in sound reduction tests. Available as a telephone pod, dialogue pod and collaboration pod, all models are powered by an easy plug and play system. Acoustic Pods can be moved to different locations when needed, re-assembled and ready for use the same day.

New in 2021:  The Bosse Ion Cloud simulates nature by introducing negative ions into its enclosed environments. The Ion Cloud minimizes the risk of infection from airborne pathogens and improves air quality promoting general health, mental wellbeing and cognitive performance. See our Ion Cloud Video here:

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  • Work 4.0

    Work 4.0

  • QS Bosselino

    QS Bosselino

  • Telephone 4.0

    Telephone 4.0

  • Dialogue 4.0

    Dialogue 4.0

  • Collaboration 4.0

    Collaboration 4.0

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