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Little Perillo XS

Little Perillo XS

Simple details. Gratifying elegance.


As the newest member of the Perillo family, Little Perillo XS provides a slender alternative to its larger kin. Molded of durable poly in one continuous, ribbon-like form, this narrow side chair fits compactly around meeting and dining tables. The slim, sinuous shape allows Little Perillo XS to slide snugly under a table.

Designed by Martin Ballendat

"Good design must be simple, very simple": Martin Ballendat ought to know. Success, prizes and over 70 design awards underline his philosophy. 

He has been working as a freelance designer since 1995. He has produced project work for prestigious brand-name manufacturers in 12 different countries (including Italy, Switzerland, USA…). He also lectures at Graz and Salzburg Universities of Applied Sciences.


Martin designed Highway, Lordo, Siamo, Join Me, and Perillo.


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