Cempa Bar Stool

Cempa Bar Stool

Multipurpose by Design

Cempa offers attractive, flexible solutions to meet the needs of today’s corporate and institutional markets including bar-stool height seating. Available in polished metal or black powder coat,  Cempa bar stools come in either a 4-post or wire sled base.  Unique to Cempa bar stool models is the Cempa comfortable half-shell seat, available in oak or walnut finishes. 

The full comfortable seat shell is available also available in oak or walnut and in eight poly colors including green, yellow, blue, red, silver, iron grey, black and white. An upholstered seat pad can be added to the full or half-shell.  The Cempa full-shells can be fully upholstered in a wide range of fabrics. 

All of Cempa’s features work in concert to create appealing institutional spaces. Truly multifunctional, Cempa enhances any environment while providing a graceful solution for flexible spaces.

DESIGN: Jessica Engelhardt

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