Averio Lounge

Spectacular Lines. Supreme Comfort

Dauphin combines elegant design and utmost comfort with Averio. This lightweight and modern lounge chair and companion table provide a versatile solution for a wide range of interiors - from relaxed, casual spaces all the way to prestigious executive offices.

For a dynamic look, the Averio lounge chair’s exterior and inner areas can be upholstered in different fabrics allowing for material combinations that can become a focal point in any environment.

Averio offers spectacular lines and lightness that result from an innovative, stable construction of inner frame and upholstery elements. This makes it extremely comfortable and easy to move.

Various versions such as a classic four-star base frame and a bold, modern bent steel rod frame complete the unique look of this new lounge chair. The Averio table top can be surfaced in clear glass, wood, black or white solid surface.

The supremely comfortable Averio lounge chair and side table offer sophisticated style with a versatility that fits in any setting including reception areas, conference rooms, C-level offices and hotels.

DESIGNER: Rüdiger Schaack

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