Bosse Human Space

Bosse Human Space offers reconfigurable pods and room-in-room product solutions with more than 40 sizes assembled in less than a day. These products are a sustainable and long-term solution for corporate spaces that are consistently being reconfigured and adapted for the changing needs of workers in the office. The product is a superior solution. It integrates a patented ventilation system, high-performing acoustics, modern technology, modulatory, and other amenities to create a high-performance office environment where people can work distraction-free.



Trend Office

Trend Office brings fun and a youthful twist to modern seating solutions. The offered products are intended for entrepreneurs and those who want a high-quality contract grade product at a reasonable price. Younger companies scale quickly and can't wait weeks, which is why all the products in Trend Office are available in three days and are backed by a 12-year warranty.