Contract # 07-50       Effective dates: September 1, 2017 – September 30, 2022

Terms and Conditions:

50% off list, delivered and installed, 

(if prevailing wage required installation costs will be additional, to be agreed upon by Dauphin and NCPA customer)

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Applicable Price Lists:

Dauphin Price List February 1, 2019

Dauphin Averio Price List June 1, 2019

Dauphin Cubes May 2018 Price List (Acoustic Pods, Cubes and Room-in-Room freight and installation are not subject to discount)

Dauphin Destino Price List June 1, 2019

Dauphin Reefs Price List June 1, 2019

Dauphin Fixed Seating Price List May2021

Valo Price List June 1, 2016

Valo Sync2 Price List August 1, 2018