Commonwealth of Massachusetts via BI by Staples

 BI by Staples holds contract, NOT Dauphin

 Commonwealth of MA RFR# OFF38

 Dauphin tiered discounts to BI by Staples for Commonwealth of MA, RFR # OFF38

Office, School and Library Furniture, Accessories, and Services

Below structure applicable for all Dauphin and Valo product

 List price                                                                      Discount to BI by Staples                                                      

$1 - $125,000                                                                           50/20%                                                                                             $125,001 - $300,000                                                               50/20%                                                                   

$300,001 - $400,000                                                               50/20/5 %                                                                 

$400,001 +                                                                                50/20/5%                                                                                                                                

*Installed/fixed Auditorium and Educational Seating installation labor is additional, and will be performed by Dauphin authorized installers