Thank You from the Dauphin Americas Family

Social distancing aside, on a global level, these difficult times have brought us much closer together.  We know how people halfway around the world feel because we are feeling it ourselves. As a global brand, Dauphin products are available around the world, but the U.S. employees of Dauphin Americas are quite global themselves. They represent 20 countries, speak 13 languages and would like to share their appreciation to our clients, suppliers, business partners and the entire Dauphin family. Please watch as they say "Thank you" in their own words.


Commonwealth of Massachusetts via BI by Staples

 BI by Staples holds contract, NOT Dauphin

 Commonwealth of MA RFR# OFF38

 Dauphin tiered discounts to BI by Staples for Commonwealth of MA, RFR # OFF38

Office, School and Library Furniture, Accessories, and Services

Below structure applicable for all Dauphin and Valo product

 List price                                                                      Discount to BI by Staples                                                      

$1 - $125,000                                                                           50/20%                                                                                             $125,001 - $300,000                                                               50/20%                                                                   

$300,001 - $400,000                                                               50/20/5 %                                                                 

$400,001 +                                                                                50/20/5%                                                                                                                                

*Installed/fixed Auditorium and Educational Seating installation labor is additional, and will be performed by Dauphin authorized installers