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Dauphin Contributes Face Masks to the COVID-19 Battle Front Line

July 15, 2020

Inspired by the 100 Million Mask Challenge, office furniture manufacturer Dauphin produced and distributed 2,000 face masks to health care facilities near its Northern New Jersey factory.dauphin_facemasksproduction_closeup[1]

Enlisting its automated fabric cutting capabilities and skilled sewers, Dauphin repurposed synthetic materials normally used to line fabric for its upholstered chairs and lounge furniture.

In addition to producing the masks at its Boonton facility, Dauphin also supplied its pre-cut synthetic materials to local community members who volunteered to produce masks for neighbors and loved ones.

Factory supervisor, Miguel Carhuayo researched the face mask criteria and material requirements to come up with the best design, he was honored to help doctors and others “who are helping our community in these difficult times”.

dauphin_facemaskproduction_juana_1The Dauphin production team was also pleased to be making a contribution, Dauphin sewing machine operators offered their sentiments:

“It makes me very sad what is happening in the world. But when making these masks, I was filled with happiness knowing that in some way I am helping others” said Juana Cruz. “I feel very happy, very pleased because I’m helping others,” added Carmen Gomez.